I haven’t mentioned it on this blog yet (partly because I really need to work on my posting frequency…) but the end of my 2019 got a little crazy. The part that really affects my reading life is that we’re now living in a smaller place, so most of my books are packed away, and we’re living in a smaller town, so I have fewer books available through the library system.

This is all temporary for the next year or two, and I have plans in place to keep my book consumption high, but it does mean my book access is going to be a lot more limited than what I’ve been used to. This, in turn, means adjusting my expectations, which means for first time in 3 (or so) years I will NOT be doing the Popsugar reading challenge in 2020.

I WILL be doing the Modern Mrs Darcy 2020 reading challenge because it’s shorter, and more flexible, and prompts like ‘a classic you didn’t read in school’ are much easier to fill from limited book resources than prompts like ‘a book published the month of your birthday’.

I’m also creating my own reading challenge this year!

I was participating for a while in goodreads group that creating their own reading challenge through a nominations and voting process, but of course, many of the prompt ideas I really loved were not as appealing to the majority of voters in the group. It was still it’s own kind of fun, and I may go back to the group someday, but for now, here is a personally curated set of reading prompts that I think are fun, quirky and challenging, while still being broad enough to fill using only books you’ll enjoy reading.

I’ll come back soon and give you some suggestions for each category, as well as posting what I plan to read for both my own challenge and the Modern Mrs. Darcy challenge!

Silver Valkyrie’s 2020 Reading Challenge

1. A book with a title starting with J, Q, X or Z

2. A book about someone with amnesia or other memory problems

3. & 4. A classic and a modern bestseller in your favorite genre

5. A book related to the 2020 Summer Olympics in Japan.

6.A book by a relative of a famous author or other public figure.

7. A book with a carb in the title or on the cover (pasta, bread, fruit, candy, etc).

8. An obscure or less famous book by a famous author

9. In honor of the 100th anniversary of Prohibition in the US, a book related to alcohol or Prohibition. 

10. A book with a weapon on the cover

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